Analyzing and Understanding Complex Systems

Porto, Portugal

29-31 Oct, 2011

Call for Papers

IDA 2011 solicits papers on all aspects of intelligent data analysis, particularly papers on intelligent support for modeling and analysing complex, dynamical systems. Many important scientific and social systems are poorly understood. Intelligent support for understanding these kinds of systems goes beyond the usual algorithmic offerings in the data mining literature and includes data collection, including novel modes of data acquisition, such as crowdsourcing and other "citizen science" mechanisms; data cleaning and curation; data semantics and markup; searching for data and assembling datasets from multiple sources; data processing, including workflows, mixed-initiative data analysis, and planning; data and information fusion; incremental, mixed-initiative model development, testing and revision; and visualization and dissemination of results. IDA particularly encourages papers about 1) end-to-end software systems that incorporate several of these technologies; 2) applications of these technologies to modeling complex systems such as gene regulatory networks, economic systems, ecological systems, resources such as water, and dynamical social systems such as online communities; and 3) robustness, scaling properties, and other usability issues that arise when these technologies are put into in practice.

Papers about established technology will only be accepted if the technology is embedded in intelligent data analysis systems, or is applied to analysing and/or modeling complex systems. IDA 2011 does not encourage papers about isolated algorithms that refine, polish, extend slightly, or offer minor variants of established ideas; and it will not publish papers about classification, clustering, dimension reduction, and other conventional data mining topics unless they clearly contribute to problems of modeling complex systems.

Conventional reviewing accentuates criticism and favors established work against which reviewers can make no complaints. These criteria discourage the kinds of papers IDA 2011 hopes to publish. Consequently, IDA 2011 will accept any paper for which at least one senior reviewer writes an informed, thoughtful, positive review. The names of reviewers will be published in footnotes. In some cases, reviews will be published alongside the papers.

IDA 2011 will be a highly interactive "working conference." Bring your data, technologies and systems; your questions and quandaries; and plan to work with domain experts on modeling problems in the natural and social sciences.

Authors are encouraged to communicate with the program chairs about any aspect of this call for papers.

IDA 2011 — The Tenth International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, 29-31 Oct, 2011