Ubiquitous Data Mining (UDM)

in conjunction with the 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence - ECAI 2010
in Lisbon, Portugal, August 16 - 20, 2010.

Workshop Chairs:
João Gama, Manuel Filipe Santos, Nuno Marques, Paulo Cortez

Publicity Chairs:
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, Carlos Abreu Ferreira

ECAI, is the leading Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, and is a biennial organization of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence - ECCAI.

Ubiquitous Data Mining (UDM) uses Data Mining techniques to extract useful knowledge from data, namely when its characteristics reflect a World in Movement. The goal of this workshop is to convene researchers (from both academia and industry) who deal with techniques such as: decision rules, decision trees, association rules, clustering, filtering, learning classifier systems neural networks, support vector machines, preprocessing, postprocessing, feature selection, visualization techniques, etc. for UDM of distributed and heterogeneous sources in the form of a continuous stream with mobile and/or embedded devices and related themes.

Authors of best workshop papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their work to Intelligent Data Analysis Journal (for papers focusing research and applications of artificial inteligence techniques) or to Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice (for more formal papers, focusing statistical theory and data mining).


Invited Talk: The Emergence of Ubiquitous Data Mining by
Professor Hillol Kargupta, University of Maryland

Workshop Program Available

Workshop Proceedings

August 16-20, 2010