Reproducible Research

This is not according to the standards of Reproducible Research but... it is a step forward on that direction :-)
Some code related with published papers:
  • code related with Tackling Class Imbalance with Ranking (Ricardo Cruz, Kelwin Fernandes, Jaime S. Cardoso, Joaquim F. Pinto da Costa), In Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2016
    Oficial reference for the code in here

  • code related with Closed Shortest Path in the Original Coordinates with an Application to Breast Cancer (Jaime S. Cardoso, Ines Domingues, Helder P. Oliveira), In International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 2014

  • code related with Music score binarization based on domain knowledge (Telmo Pinto, Ana Rebelo, Gilson A. Giraldi, Jaime S. Cardoso), In Proceedings of Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IbPRIA), 2011

  • code related with Pectoral muscle detection in mammograms based on polar coordinates and the shortest path (Jaime S. Cardoso, Ines Domingues, Igor Amaral, Ines Moreira, Pedro Passarinho, Joao Santa Comba, Ricardo Correia, Maria J. Cardoso), In Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2010.

  • code related with Learning to classify ordinal data: the data replication method (Jaime S. Cardoso, Joaquim F. Pinto da Costa), In Journal of Machine Learning Research, volume 8, 2007

  • code related with Toward a Generic Evaluation of Image Segmentation (Jaime S. Cardoso, Luis Corte-Real), In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, volume 14, 2005